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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment Chiropractor in Woodstock, GA Near Me Chiropractor For Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Treatment in Woodstock, GA

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is characterized by profound tiredness, regardless of bed rest. Its symptoms may worsen with physical or mental activity. CFS can happen suddenly and last for years. The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is not known; however, CFS occurs up to four times more often in women than in men and commonly affects middle-aged people, though people of any age can get it.

Symptoms of CFS often mimic the flu; however, each person may experience symptoms differently. Common chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms may include:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Headache
  • Tender lymph nodes
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Insomnia
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mood swings
  • Confusion
  • Low-grade fever
  • Depression

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat any condition, but care has profound effects on the brain and nervous system, which are the master controllers of the body. Restoring balance and function to the brain and nervous system helps the body heal, which can, in turn, alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome. Chiropractic care can support overall health and general well-being by allowing the body to function and heal optimally once the brain and nervous system are balanced.

How Our Chronic Fatigue Care Plan Works

Identifying The Cause

We listen to you, and more importantly, we hear you. We take this information, along with utilizing two state-of-the-art computerized technologies, to determine what is going on in your body and how this affects your health. We then devise a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

Specific Chiropractic Care

Based on what we find in your computerized exam, we now know exactly how to adjust you. At each visit, we determine where to adjust you based on which zone of your brain is imbalanced on that visit. Adjustments are performed with the best instruments in the industry so that they are precise, extremely gentle, and tailored to your body’s needs.

Accelerate Your Healing

Research has shown that your brain is most open to change for 20 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment. That being so, why would we immediately send you out into the world that put you in the condition you came in with? We don’t! We maximize that period after your adjustment with our groundbreaking Transformation Stations, which accelerate healing and contribute to permanent positive changes and habits.

Check Out Our Online Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Carrie Elliott
Carrie Elliott
My experience over the last 8 months have been worth the commitment and investment. I appreciate the detailed assessment. I also love the education given to me about the issues I had along with a treatment plan. Thank you!
Victor Naumov
Victor Naumov
If your looking for an amazing Chiropractic experience in Woodstock then Dr. John is your guy. He practices what he preaches and understands exactly what it takes to achieve health, vitality and longevity. Thanks Dr. John!
Cheri Bartlett
Cheri Bartlett
I’ve had a great experience! I’m feeling better and better…more energy, less pain, better sleep…the best anti-aging in town.
Anna Schwartzenberger
Anna Schwartzenberger
I cannot recommend Dr. John enough! I have always gone to traditional chiropractors who took care of a problem for the day, but never healed the issue. I would wake up with headaches, hip pain from a horse injury (that I was told by a chiropractor would always be there no matter what), and knee pain while doing certain exercises. Since going to Center for Life Enhancement, I no longer have any pain or discomfort. It’s mind boggling because Dr. John uses gentle techniques to adjust verses the snap crackle and pop of a traditional chiropractic experience. I can go a week between visits and I don’t experience the laps backwards I felt after adjustments before. Life changing.
Stacy Pimentel
Stacy Pimentel
Dr John is a true healer. He totally understands how the body and mind work together. Dr John is warm, patient, and knowledgeable. I always feel great after an adjustment in all aspects, emotionally and physically. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr John, he will help you heal yourself.
Marykate Marley
Marykate Marley
I saw Dr. John while I was pregnant and after (until he moved, sadly!!). I went to him because I had back issues & was afraid of experiencing intense back labor as I had with my first son. His treatments made me feel safe & taken care of. I always left feeling a lot of mobility in my spine. The pregnancy was causing me a lot of back pain but after I started seeing him the pain went away. I was really happy to see the improvement during labor as well. I also took my 8 year old to him. My 8 year old is autistic and has adhd. Dr. John developed a beautiful relationship with my son & my son’s teacher even commented on how my son’s focus had improved. I noticed the same. We miss Dr. John!
Krystal Mcnallie
Krystal Mcnallie
Dr. John is AMAZING, my mind and body always feel noticeably better after getting adjusted by him. His energy truly is healing. HIGHLY Recommend!
Laura Colman
Laura Colman
Talk about wow! The doctor has such a huge heart, but has a wonderful way of adjusting. I never did well with the offices where everyone gets the same adjustments. I really love that he personalizes his care to the person in front of him. Give him a try, you won’t regret it!
Cathy Murphy
Cathy Murphy
Dr. D’Ambrosio is amazing! After just six visits, my back isn’t hurting any more, which is wonderful and the original reason for my visit, but I’ve seen so many other positive side effects! I have MUCH more energy, I’m sleeping better at night, I’ve lost a couple of pounds, and my blood pressure has even gone from 158/90 to 112/63, a decrease I believe is due to the decreased stress I feel from the treatments! I’ve seen other chiropractors in the past and have been satisfied with the adjustments I’ve received, but this is really so much more—a different approach to determining how to truly align the body based on research, and the results are incredible! I highly recommend Dr. D’Ambrosio and his professional, caring staff!
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How We Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Woodstock, GA

Different courses of treatment can help chronic fatigue syndrome. Each case is unique, and a professional chiropractor will assess the situation and determine the best course of action to treat your chronic fatigue. There are different approaches and treatment types available, including the following:

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Our consultation and exam process is very thorough. You won’t see us staring into an iPad, rattling off questions, and avoiding eye contact. You’ll have a conversation with the doctor where you’ll feel heard, followed by an exam to evaluate your nervous system function.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment Chiropractor in Woodstock, GA Near Me Chiropractic Fatigue Exam

In our office, our main two exams are a computerized neurological exam to determine the state of your nervous system and a computerized postural exam to see how your brain is functioning in holding your body upright against gravity. Both give us insight into whether you are properly processing stress, how you’re using energy, and how quickly or slowly you are aging.

Getting to the root cause of the problem is always more important than handling symptoms, just like putting out a fire is more important than pulling the battery out of the smoke detector. The former addresses the issue. While the latter may seem okay in the short term, it is a terrible idea in the long term!

Specific Chiropractic Care In Woodstock, GA

The nervous system is the master controller of the body, so if it isn’t functioning optimally and is exhausted, conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome can occur. Chiropractic is one of many tools – besides a proper diet, drinking clean water, and getting enough sleep – to help regulate fatigue. If your nervous system is imbalanced and overstressed, you can wear your body down and enter a state of chronic fatigue.

A patient with CFS can benefit from balancing their brain and nervous system, thereby allowing the body to adapt better, heal, and self-regulate, improving CFS at its root cause.

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat chronic fatigue syndrome, so it is different from the conventional CFS treatment. Traditional CFS treatment can include drugs, antidepressants, and steroids, which may help with symptoms but don’t help to address the root cause. Chiropractic’s goal is to balance the brain and nervous system so that the body can begin to adapt better and heal itself.

Nutrition and Supplementation

Diet can play a significant role in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as processed, low-energy foods and individual trigger foods can cause flare-ups.

A chronic fatigue syndrome diet focuses on eating more balanced and nutrient-rich meals and snacks and avoiding certain foods and drinks that could worsen your symptoms. It will take some trial and error to find what works best for you, and that starts with learning what you can about how food may be impacting your symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment Chiropractor in Woodstock, GA Near Me Fatigue Nutritional Supplementation

We only recommend supplements once the nervous system is balanced so your body can best utilize those nutrients and supplements. Some of the recommended supplements for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include:

  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride (NADH)
  • Probiotics
  • CoQ10
  • Polyphenols (especially from chocolate with a high cocoa content

Zone Technique

Utilizing the Zone Technique in chiropractic care can be transformative for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue. This specialized approach focuses on balancing the body’s vital energy zones, promoting overall well-being and aiding the body’s natural healing process. For chronic fatigue, targeted adjustments within the affected zone can help improve energy levels and promote optimal spinal alignment. By identifying and addressing the specific zone(s) related to chronic fatigue, chiropractors can enhance circulation and nerve function. This tailored technique not only mitigates fatigue but also fosters long-term healing, allowing individuals to regain mobility and resume their daily activities with improved spinal health and increased energy levels.

Neck Pain Treatment Chiropractor in Woodstock, GA Chiropractor Near Me

Stress Management

Stress can cause flare-ups and make chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms worse. Chiropractic can help naturally manage stress by balancing your brain and nervous system. A properly functioning nervous system helps us better process our stress, taking us out of “fight or flight” mode and into “rest, heal, and repair” mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a chiropractor in Woodstock, GA, help with chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chiropractic helps balance the brain and nervous system so your body can better adapt to stress, function at a higher level, and heal better. All these things can be instrumental in helping CFS to heal.

Can a chiropractic adjustment affect chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chiropractic can affect CFS not because we are treating CFS but because balancing the brain and nervous system can allow the body to function, adapt, and heal better.

What makes chronic fatigue syndrome worse?

Certain food triggers and stress can cause flare-ups in CFS symptoms.

What is the best home remedy for CFS?

The best home remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome include a clean diet, supplementation, daily movement, and proper sleep.

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Includes Consultation and History, Thorough Examination, Computerized Posture Scan, Grip Strength Evaluation, Computerized NeuralChek Scan with HRV and Stress Evaluation, Report of Findings, Recommendations and Customized Transform Your Health Plan if deemed necessary.

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